Long and Windy Road to get Schengen Visa (Part 1)

We decided to have a holiday together in Europe on April.

However, it was really hard to get the visa.

Since July 2016, we couldn’t apply for a visa directly to Dutch embassy, but we have to apply through an appointed agent, namely VFS, in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.
The nearest one is located in Jakarta, so he made an appointment a month before the departure.

Several days before the appointment, he received an email saying that the appointment is postponed until the next month. We were so shocked because we already planned everything, even asking for a leave from the company where we worked at.

We didn’t have too much option, so he decided to use a “travel agent” that could help him to make an appointment earlier, because if we want to apply directly through the website, there is no more slot time available for this month (March).

At first, the agent seems pretty helpful. They said that they could help us to get a visa even in several days. Later on, the agent made everything much more complicated that we expected.
They asked for a lot of documents that are not mentioned in the visa application check list. He was going to apply for a tourism visa, but in the end he applied for a family/friend visiting visa.
I had to rush creating an invitation letter for him, and legalized it at the municipality, since the agent said that the chance to be accepted will be higher if he attached that document.

Even after he provides a lot of documents, the agent insisted that the balance on his bank account should be at least $3,500-$4,000.
How to get it in several days? Even though we are able to get it in a few days, wouldn’t it too suspicious to have a sudden increase of the balance?

… to be continued

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