His birthday


Like my birthday, I cannot be there to celebrate his birthday together as well 😦

Anyway, I tried so hard to give him a lot of presents.
I ordered a cake from an online store. However, all of sudden, the owner  of the store ran away and I didn’t get the cake in the end.
So, several days before his birthday, I ordered another cake from different store.

I felt so sad, not only because of the price of the cake is quite expensive, but also because I ordered a custom cake and hoping it would be very nice. In the end, I didn’t get it at all 😦

Also, I sent a letter to him hoping it would arrive several days before his birthday.
In the end, it is more than 2 weeks already and he hasn’t received it yet till now.
Because I sent it using a regular post, I couldn’t track the letter.

I felt so sad because I put a lot of efforts (and love of course <3) creating the letter.
Well, at least I am here to cheer him up during his birthday 😀

Hope we can be together for his next birthday 😀

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