(Late) Christmas Gift


I feel so stressful these days, but I am not sure why.
I think it is because I do not feel comfortable with the environment where I live in, and also because of the pressure of my final project. 

I was looking for a hobby or other activities to do until I found that reading a book might be a good idea.

I started looking for a book, but the price is quite high.
The affordable ones mostly in Dutch and I couldn’t understand it image

One day, when I was having a video call with him, my landlord told me that there is a package for me. 

I went downstairs spontaneously and took it to my room.
He was kind of surprised because he didn’t think that the package would arrive when we were having a conversation.

I opened the gift in front of him, and I was speechless.
I found a Christmas card and a book!

what a nice gift ♡

The card looks very cute, and the book looks really interesting so that I love it sooo much.
I couldn’t say anything, but I replied it with one big smile 🙂

Thanks for being my Santa and fulfill my wish 

Please be my Santa again next Christmas


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