Airport Surprise


Because of an urgent matter, I had to go back to Indonesia! 🇮🇩

I got those mixed feelings: happy, tired, and sad! 

I feel happy because I can meet him and my family.
I feel tired because I just finished my trip to Greece.
I feel sad because I just heard a pretty bad news regarding my family member.

No matter what, I have to go back home.

When I arrived at the airport in Jakarta, he was there already and ready to pick me up.

He was going to welcome me once I go out from the gate, but too bad he was waiting in the different area so we decided to meet outside. 

Once I saw him, I could not say anything except happy.
Also, he brought a bucket of flower and I felt very touched by that.
I asked what is that flowers for, and he said because he asked for an apology for making me angry a few times ago.
I told him that I did not get mad at him at all.

Love the flowers 😍

Well, the reason itself is not necessary. The most important one is the small note with his handwriting:

“I love you” 

I couldn’t feel happier than that.

Picked up by him, had a date although for a short time, and of course to see him! image

After got separated for about three months, that was the first time we see each other again

what a memorable night 

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