Monday, 29.08.2016

I was thinking, “On the ticket, it’s written that my flight is on Tuesday, 00.50AM, so I need to go to the airport on Tuesday. So, today I still have time to hang out with my friends.”

“Wait. What?! The flight is Tuesday ‘morning’. Doesn’t it mean I have to go to the airport tonight??”
Then I opened my email to make sure the date and time of my flight, and…. Ta-Da!
“You have to go to the airport TONIGHT!” I reminded myself. *panic attack* 😲😲😲😲

Around 10.00AM – 5.00PM
Panicking –> I haven’t printed out my ticket yet, and there is no print shop nearby
Tell him (the guy that I dated last night), that I did this stupid mistake πŸ˜… (we were not in a relationship yet, but he insisted on giving me an airport goodbye)
Pack my luggage (of course 😐)

7 PM
My dad accompanied me to the airport, and we arrived around 7 PM. I wanted to check in earlier, so I didn’t need to carry the luggage everywhere, but it was too early, so the check in counter hasn’t opened yet πŸ˜‚

“That guy told me that he would arrive around 7, but it’s 8 already πŸ˜‘. I guess it’s better to check in first and just meet him later”
The airport in Jakarta is a bit different than other airports. They have a separate area for the check-in counters, and if you don’t have the ticket you can’t go there. So, only the passenger is allowed to go inside and yeah, you have to carry your own stuffs because no one can help you during the check in process 😣

Check-in is done!
“But that guy hasn’t texted me yet. Where is he?” I keep asking myself.

About 5 minutes afterward, I received a message, and he said he has arrived at the airport, and he asked where I am.
In the end, we finally met. Then, all of us had a dinner together. We hadn’t had anything to eat before cause it was too hectic before πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

10.30 PM
My dad left earlier because it was quite late already and our apartment is a bit far from the airport.
So, it was only him and me. Again. Hope this time it won’t be too awkward.

We had a pleasant conversation. In the end, he told me that he needs to say something, and so did I.
Actually, I just want to ask for an apology for my past mistake to him and he said he doesn’t care about it anymore. One problem solved. πŸ˜‡

And it comes to his turn.
What he wanted to say is actually about his feelings towards me. After he confessed his feeling, I innocently asked, “I see.. so, what’s next?”

He replied,”So.. are we getting attached?”

I was pretty shock at that time. Somehow I already predicted that this will happen, but still I don’t know either how to react or what is the best answer to his question.
After thinking for a short time, I decided to give him an answer straightforwardly. Guess what? I said YES!

15 minutes after we started our relationship, I had to say goodbye to him, otherwise I would not be able to catch my flight.

So, it was a goodbye, but also a start at the same time. We were unsure whether we can meet again that year, but we were pretty sure about one thing: after more than 5 years waiting, finally it comes to a good ending for both of us πŸ˜—πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

So, that’s the beginning of our (long-distance😒) relationship πŸ‘«πŸ‘«

P.S. he gave me a goodbye gift and the gift totally expresses his feelings towards me 😍😘

Your smile makes me hangover”  aww.. I’m so touched ❀


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