Red Nails 

“I’m so screwed.. I forgot to bring my apartment key.”
Then he easily replied, “Then let’s take a walk somewhere while waiting for your dad to come home and bring the key.”
P.S. we are not in a relationship yet at that time, and I felt a bit nervous because it was not a double date anymore, yeah only him and me 😫

So while waiting for my dad (and the key, of course), we spent the rest of the day hanging out in a shopping mall. We did what other couples normally do: visiting the stores one by one, buying some beverages and chilling, and so on.

Until at one point, I challenged him to paint his nails and he agreed, with one exception: I have to color my nails as well.
Of course, I would easily agree upon that 😅

So, we went to a store and bought a RED color nail polish (I was the one who chose the color 😛🙈).
Afterward, we went into a coffee shop so I can start coloring his nails *evil laugh* 💅

Nails painting done!

Whose hand is this?

The next day, his colleagues found it out and start asking why and who did that to him. 😂😂😂
Yeah, it was me

Anyway, we had a really good time there, especially because of the shopping mall is located nearby the sea so we could see fantastic sceneries from the building.

Here are some pictures of the views there, enjoy!

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