The First and The Last Date before Being in a Relationship


Yes, it was our first and last date before we decided to be in a relationship. It only takes one date to bring our friendship to the next step.

Well, we have known each other for more than 5 years I guess. 😜😜
We did have a quite complicated relationship back then. There was one time that we had deep feelings towards each other. But also another time when we did not to talk to each other because of a bad experience between us 😢

Time passed by, and who guess that both of us still have the same feelings other until this guy expressed it, and yeah. We are being attached afterward 😍

Now forget about that and let’s talk about our date. We had a double date in one of the most romantic restaurants in town 👬👬
It is a Japanese restaurant located on a hilltop, which also offers fantastic night view.

Quite amazing view, huh? 😍

After finishing the dinner, we decided to have a dessert in a small cafe in town. We know this place because it is quite famous in the social networking site at that time. Because we don’t know what’s the specialty, we just picked a random order. Luckily, our choice was not that bad, so at least we had a well spent night that day

Dessert time  🍦

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