Looking for a name

Well… We have been through a lot of things together during the past few months. But, we never write down our stories nicely. And it just slipped through my mind that it will be a nice idea to put everything in a blog. We also like to post our activities in our own Instagram account, so… why don’t we just make a joint account for both of us?

And that’s how it starts. Then we decided to make a blog and an Instagram account to post our daily journals.

But another thing has to be set up. What should it called? What is the story behind the name?

Our brainstorming ends after we found this name: doublé au lait

lait: milk

doublé au lait: doubled, with milk

Why milk? Of course it because both of us like milk!


It was really hard to find something that both of us like, and milk is the answer.
So, that’s it, the reason behind this blog name and the meaning behind.



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